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Sweet 16

Capture the very moment and all the energy of this special ceremony…


A sweet sixteen is a coming of age party celebrating a girl's sixteenth birthday in North America; primarily in the United States and Canada. Recently, boys have also begun to celebrate their sixteenth birthday in this trend as well.

In Brazil, these events are called Baile de Debutantes, where Brazilian girls have a party much like the Sweet Sixteen, but at the age of 15.

Sweet sixteens may be extremely formal, casual, or semi-formal; they can range from modest parties at home with close family and friends to large affairs with a hired DJ, makeup and hair stylists, yachts and hotel ballrooms.

However you choose to celebrate this joyous event, our cameramen and photographers are ready to capture the fun, excitement and your creativity in making this event special for your beloved… and documenting it makes it last forever.

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